What Is A Donkey in Poker?

Poker players have a host of different expressions they use to describe certain player types. Although most of them may sound strange at first, they are usually self-explanatory if you think about them for long enough. So, there are nits, rocks, maniacs, and, of course, donkeys that can all put bad beats on you..

Now, calling someone a donkey certainly doesn’t seem too flattering – and it isn’t. But, it has become a usual term to describe a certain type (or types) of poker players you’ll encounter at the tables. So, what is a donkey in poker?

A Poker Donkey: Anything Goes

Earning the title of a poker donkey probably isn’t as easy as all the other ones. Rocks and maniacs are called that because of their particular playing styles. Donkeys, on the other hand, are called donkeys because they don’t have one (a playing style, that is). With them, anything goes.

A poker donkey is someone who really doesn’t understand the game and they make their decisions almost arbitrarly. A donkey might call your huge all in bet on the turn with a gutshot or the bottom pair. If you ask them why, they’ll simply say they had a feeling or, even worse, will not even understand why you are asking them the question.

How to Spot a Donkey?

Even if you aren’t particularly experienced, you’ll have no problem identifying a poker donkey at your table. It shouldn’t take more than a few hands to identify someone who’s clueless about the game they’re playing. Keep in mind, these players aren’t particularly aggressive or passive; they just do whatever whenever they feel like it.

Once you identify a donkey, it is your mission to rid them of their chips. However, keep in mind that these are the kind of players that will often put a ridiculous bad beat on you. Because they’re ready to call against all odds and stick around when they have no business being in a hand, they’ll often turn over the most confusing combos you could never put them on.

When this happens, keep your cool and don’t get tilted. Even if they win a few lucky hands, a poker donkey will always end up giving away their chips. You just need to stay patient and wait for the math to even out.